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Jobless Gorillas is a unique NFT collection having built on the Solana blockchain.

Jobless Gorillas holders can join Jobless Dao Club and vote on project’s decisions, share market commissions and receive airdrops.


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Jobless DAO Club

The unique aspect of the Jobless DAO Club is the formation of their own DAO treasury. The treasury is controlled and governed by the Jobless Gorillas holders who will decide its future use, project direction, and more.

We have lot of impression and action that we working on. One of them are is we will build strong and delightful community. Access to exlusive airdrop and reward to our holder etc. We also focused to providing utility to both our NFT and $JLG token holder. While we have many big plan and we belive in under promising over delivering.

Jobles Gorillas is not just a NFT JPEG, it’s more than NFT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What I do and how I do it

What is the supply?

The total supply of The Jobless Gorilas collection is 1,212

What are the advantages of holding Jobless Gorillas?

You can join Jobless DAO Club by holding JL Gorillas NFT.

Jobless DAO treasury which collects 100% of the funds from the NFT sales. The treasury is controlled and governed by the Jobless Gorillas holders. You can vote to make decisions about the future of the project. You can also choose for what will be the market commission can be used by voting


Where can I buy or sell Jobless Gorillas collection?

You will be able to buy or sell your Jobless Gorillas NFT on all our partners marketplaces.

When is the mint date?

It is set for 12.12.2021. The exact time has not been decided yet. We will announce it in our Discord.

How do I mint a Jobless Gorillas?

  • Buy SOL from an exchange
  • Transfer SOL to your wallet
  • On mint day, visit our website, connect your wallet, and mint as many as you want !

What is Jobless Gorillas

1212 unique and cool pixel gorillas created by algorithm on Solana network.

Where can I see my Jobless Gorillas NFT?

At any time, anywhere in your Phantom Wallet !

What will be the mint price?

Mint price will be 0.49 SOL

How do I get whitelisted?

We are not doing whitelisting. Everyone will get the same fair chance to mint.

What Solana wallets can I use?

We recommend to use Phantom wallet since they provide the best view of your NFTs.

In which market will it be listed after Mint?

We will list on



Q4 - 2021

Jobless DAO Club

– We will take a snapshot of all verified JL Gorillas and airdrop a unique NFT, created by our talented in-house designers.
– Jobless DAO Club members also receive $JLG tokens representing the fractional shares of NFTs held in the community vault. Members also get exclusive access to the DAO community, and voting rights over the DAO’s assets.

Q4 - 2021

Secondary Market

We will be reaching out to secondary markets before mint and attempt to get pre-approval so the community can get to trading  Jobless Gorillas 🦍 as soon as possible.

Q1 - 2022

Quality of Life

Improving the functionality of our discord is one of our top initial priorities! This includes Grape verification, a Sales bot, Rarity tools, and more!

Q2 - 2022

Jobless Gorillas Vault

10% of all royalties will go to a treasury wallet that will be used for community growth and funding future roadmap features.

Q2 - 2022

Jobless Gorillas Events

The Jobless Gorillas has a lot of content out there, this will be our way of keeping the project interesting! These dynamic events will have unique themes and rewards for Jobless Gorillas holders.

Q3 - 2022

Jobless Gorillas Generations

The first generation of  Jobless Gorillas 🦍 isn’t the only one! We will be releasing more generations of increasingly rare and cool, perhaps even mini for Gorillas holders too!